Light, color, and composition have always resonated with me. I can still remember just one B&W photo that I took with my Kodak Brownie when I was a preteen (sadly that negative is lost) -- but I remember to this day the composition of that landscape scene. My first electronic design after graduating as an EE, was an electronic device that translates musical sound into colors. Years later, I gave a lecture on human color vision to the EE faculty, to complete the requirements for my MSEE degree.

More than half my life has been spent in Colorado, raising a family and working as an electrical engineer, thanks to a trait from the paternal side of my family, who were nearly all engineers and scientists. But my maternal grandfather was a well-known landscape painter in his day, and I inherited something from him too.

Now, his time has come!   🙂   In July 2010, the purchase of my first Canon printer kicked off my transition from engineering to art, and I discovered how much photography has changed since my undergraduate B&W darkroom days...  Much of photography today would have been science-fiction back then.  I have had to learn a lot, and I'm not nearly finished yet!  But despite all the hard work and head-banging, I still love photography.

After exploring a little of Colorado and the West, and following humbly in the spirit of Ansel Adams, I try whenever I can to capture the immensity of the landscapes; to make my prints convey a "sense of space"...  Keyhole photography, begone!  So, there are a number of panoramic shots in the mix. Merely standing in the open air and gazing at nature's landscapes still never fails to give me an endorphin rush (and I hope that some of these photos will do the same for you!)

And, I am constantly reminded of the evanescence of so much that I see.  "Carpe diem!" ("Seize the day!") said the Roman poet Horace, back in 23 BC, but that's way too slow for the 21st century...  My motto has become "Capture the moment!" because there's a high likelihood that you'll never, ever see that "perfect scene" again...  Sometimes even: just blink, and it's gone forever -- unless you took the photo...

Thank you for taking the time to view a little of Nature's beauty through my lens, and for savoring with me some of the few, never-to-be-repeated moments to which I've tried to give permanence!

Martin Tobias